Day 1

Monday, June 8, 2009


  • UDL in Postsecondary Education – David Rose

  • Higher Education Opening Talk David Rose
  • Innovator’s Dilemma, Craig Christensen
  • The Difference, Scott Page
  • Posner and Raikle resources
  • Shaywitz, et al.
  • Barbara Yurgelon-Todd The Brain Institute at U. Utah
  • Eye Movements and Vision by Alfred L. Yarbus. © 1967 by Plenum Publishers, Inc.
  • Tim Berners Lee –
  • Vygotsky –
  • David’s Course blog –
  • Applying UDL to Materials and Tools – Skip Stahl and Jenna Wasson

  • Highlighting Recognition Networks – David Rose

    • David’s Course blog –
    • “I’m Autistic” on You Tube –
    • Neurotypicals on wikipedia –
    • Need to think about the GOAL –
      • need to think about construct relevant (things you want the student to learn) and construct irrelevant features (things that you need to use to get the goal across) Reference:

      What does the lecture require?

      • sensory/perceptual
        • Requires excellent hearing, audition
        • Requires good vision
      • linguistic
        • requires English fluency
        • requires relevant vocabulary
        • requires processing of linguistic structure
      • cognitive
        • requires background knowledge
        • requires selective listening
        • requires listening comprehension skills
        • requires excellent working memory (lectures place a tremendous demand on working memory, e.g. it is very difficult for individuals with ADHD to retain information in lecture. Information is impermanent, un-sequential, and un-reviewable)
  • Video:“Digital Students@Analog Schools

  • Introduction to Web 2.0 tools – Ge Vue

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    One Response to Day 1

    1. Tia Ivanko says:

      This is the digital pen mentioned day one for notetaking purposes. My department has recently purchased several and are testing them out and plan to share with students this fall.

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